What Sizes Wheels Are Most Getting On The Lucid Air

April 12, 2022

One of the questions a lot of Lucid buyers need to decide on, after picking a trim and exterior and interior color is what size wheels should I get. No one will doubt that the 21″ or 20″ wheels look nicer on the Lucid Air but is that the best option for the car. The answer is not so simple and it depends on your location, your need for range and your style.

In short, if you want the most range out of your Lucid Air, then go with the 19″ wheels – they will take you farther than the 20″ or 21″ wheels. If you want wheels that work better in the snow, then go with the 19″ wheels – they will cut through the snow better because they are thinner. The 20″ and 21″ wheels are both wider than the 19″ wheels and thus have harder time driving in the snow. I also assume the 19″ wheels are less expensive for than larger sizes.

One thing to note – the 20″ wheels are delayed through Q3 2022, so those ordering the Grand Touring are more likely to not opt for that wheel size.

Personally, I picked the 19″ wheels because I care more about the snow and range than I do about how the car looks to people as I drive. But hey, if I lived in San Jose, California, maybe I’d go with the 21″ wheels.

Lucid Motors is currently sourcing their tires from Pirelli.

Order Two Wheel Sizes and Swap Them Out

I hear some Lucid owners are ordering two sizes, the 19″ wheels and then also either the 20″ and 21″ wheels. They plan on using the 19″ wheels in the snowy months and then swapping them out in the warmer months with the 20″ or 21″ wheels. Of course, there is a fee to swap them out but Lucid will send out a Lucid Mobile Service van to do it for you at your home or office for that fee.

19″ Wheel Size On Lucid Air

Here is what the 19″ wheels look like:

20″ Wheel Size On Lucid Air

Here is what the 20″ wheels look like:

21″ Wheel Sized On Lucid Air

Here is what the 21″ wheels look like:

What Are Lucid Customers Buying

So which wheel sizes are Lucid customers opting for and ultimately ordering with their Lucid Air? Right now, since the 20″ wheels are delaying orders, most are getting either the 19″ wheels or the 21″ wheels.

The Lucid Owners Forums has about 50 votes so far on a poll and it is about 50/50 between the 19″ and 21″ wheels.

There are 22 votes for the 19″ wheel size, 2 votes for the 20″ wheel size and 24 votes for the 21″ wheel size in that thread:

I also posted a poll on Twitter, but to be honest, it looks like people who did not order the Lucid Air voted because I am not sure who would order a 20″ wheel size when it would delay their order: