Tesla Tests Supercharger Membership Packages For Non-Tesla EV Owners

August 17, 2022

As you may remember, Tesla will be opening its Supercharger stations to non-Tesla owners, like Lucid Airs and other EVs. Sawyer Merritt spotted Tesla offering a membership feature for its Supercharger stations in the Tesla app, specifically for non-Tesla EVs.

Sawyer Merritt wrote on Twitter “Tesla has launched Supercharger membership packages for Non-Tesla EV owners.” The app offers two plans, a pay-per-use or a membership option.

  • Pay Per Use: Pay as you go, access to Supercharger network
  • Membership: $0.99/month (in the US), access to Supercharger network, lower price per kWh

Here is the screenshot of this feature from Sawyer:

Sawyer was even able to activate it:

Shortly after he posted this, it seems Tesla removed the feature, he wrote “UPDATE: Looks like Tesla has removed the new feature from the app.”