Lucid Motors Now Showing Full Order Numbers On Website To Some Customers

August 16, 2022

Lucid Motors is now showing some customers their full order numbers on the website in the orders section after you log in to check the status of your order. Previously, Lucid would only show the first five or so digits of your order number but now it is showing some customers the full order number.

This full-length order number is what Lucid Motors would provide in your order confirmation PDF they emailed you when you confirmed your order for your Lucid Air Grand Touring. So the full-length order number is not new but showing it on the website is new.

Not all customers are seeing it yet, which have people asking why is Lucid showing some customers their full order number and some not. Possible reasons may be:

  • Maybe some browsers and views show the order numbers and some don’t
  • Maybe Lucid is rolling out this update to some customers
  • Maybe only customers who have their cars almost ready show the full number?
  • Maybe it was a temporary bug and was reversed
  • Maybe Lucid is toying with us ­čÖé

Here is a blurred-out screenshot from one customer who first reported this in the Lucid Owners Forum: