Jon Rettinger Sold His Lucid Air – He Explains Why

July 24, 2022

Earlier this month, we reported that Jon Rettinger was selling his Lucid Air and we did explain that it was not because he didn’t love the Lucid Air, he does, but rather because he felt the Rivian was a better fit for his family at this time. Well, Jon just sold his Lucid Air and decided to post a video explaining why, in more detail, he sold his Lucid Air.

Here is the video:

Now, let me summarize for those of you, like me, that rather read words than listen/watch videos (although, Jon makes really really great videos).

What Jon Loves About The Lucid Air

Jon loves a lot about the Lucid Air including the drive, he said it is “the car was incredible in pretty much every aspect, it drove unlike anything I have ever driven, the performance was nuts, the luxury was incredible, build quality was outstanding.” He said, “I love the Lucid Air.”

He said the car “is and was incredible.” He said he is going to miss all the power of the Lucid Air in a luxury car. He said the Lucid was almost two cars in one, with it being a super fast car and also a luxury car with the press of a button (in the drive select mode).

So Why Did Jon Sell?

He explained that when he was looking for a new electric vehicle, he put down reservations for a number of EVs including the Lucid, the Rivian, and others. The Lucid Air arrived first for him. He sold for two reasons:

(1) Owning a car that cost that much money, he had the Dream Edition, which was about $170,000, which made him and his wife “very anxious.” It also made him “self-conscious.” His wife was “terrified to go anywhere the Lucid,” as she was worried about getting in an accident with such an expensive car.

(2) The Rivian gave him much more room for his family and their activities and for loading a lot of stuff in the truck bed. He found the space much more useful than he expected. Plus his wife loved driving the Rivian.

Jon explained that the car market was insane and he was getting offers for the car that was much more than he paid for it. So he decided to drive it until he didn’t want to drive it anymore. But he also took delivery of a Rivian R1T and what is interesting is that he thought he would flip the Rivian but instead, he fell in love with the Rivian and decided to flip the Lucid Air over the Rivian.

He admits, that if he did not have the Rivian, he would have kept the Lucid Air and watched the progress of the software improve on the Lucid.

So he decided to sell the Lucid Air before the used car market softened anymore.

He sold it because of those two reasons; the car market was softening and he was able to make more money on the Lucid and he sold the Lucid because he loves the Rivian.

Jon did add that the “car was absolutely incredible” and “I don’t want to be distorted as like Jon hates his Lucid and new headlines and you know have a different message than what I intend.” Don’t worry Jon, I won’t write that headline.

If you missed it, here is his six-month review of the Lucid Air and his first look: