Customer Locates His Car While In Production At Lucid Factory Through Lucid’s Mobile App

July 22, 2022

Customers who are awaiting their cars from Lucid Motors often want to know the status of their cars. We would love to see on the website or in the app, where the car is in the stages of being ordered, built, shipped, and delivered. Right now, the only thing we see is that our cars were ordered, that is until shortly before it is delivered, the app will show “Your Lucid Air will arrive soon” as I documented over here.

But one customer was able, at least for a brief moment, login to the app and see that his car is at the Lucid factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. The app was able to locate the car at the factor, probably in the lot, wrapped maybe, from the flyover last night.

This customer posted this in the Lucid Owners forum the other day saying “

Okay so I logged in to my Lucid App which never let me login before and behold, my car is shown to be at 19901 W Peters Rd, Casa Grande. Not knowing where the lot is the flyovers it’s hard to pinpoint but here is a screenshot if someone knows the layout. It says it has 258mi of charge in it and the exterior is 95 degrees, and the odometer reads 10mi. I am afraid to hit any buttons that might actually open the trunk, frunk, etc.  BTW, it also says it’s asleep “Zzz.”

This customer received his VIN number from Lucid Motors on June 5th, so it is likely it is almost ready to move to his nearby delivery center.

He shared a screenshot of the map showing where it is:

Now he is unable to get back to this location, all it shows is that his car will arrive soon: