Does The Lucid Air Grand Touring Drive Better Than The Dream Edition?

July 19, 2022

As you dig through the media event coverage that I posted yesterday, some of those reporters test drove the Dream Edition several months ago and are now test driving the Grand Touring trims. One such report was car reviewer Jonny Lieberman who wrote his coverage of the car on Motor Trend over here.

He noted that six months ago, Lucid Motors had him test drive the Dream Edition Performance edition and he said “the Dream Edition P made more than 300 additional hp than the 819-hp Grand Touring, but I massively preferred how the latter felt.” “The improvement was apparent just leaving the parking lot,” he added.

Why did the Grand Touring feel better than the Dream Edition? Hardware and software updates he said. “Two things made the difference.”

(1) The front suspension received some new dampers.

(2) The car’s suspension software had been altered, adjusted, and improved.

He explained the story behind this saying “The story of the process is worth sharing. Lucid’s director of chassis and vehicle dynamics, David Lickfold, Turo’d himself a 991.2 Porsche GT3 RS and spent a weekend driving the two vehicles. Just him, by himself, working until the wee hours of the morning. David would do a run in the Porsche, then one in the Lucid, pull over, plug his laptop into the latter, and tweak away. The results impressed the hell out of me.”

Of course, those who were super early adopters and received the Dream Edition are asking themselves in the Lucid Owners Forum, how do they upgrade their Lucid Airs to get a better ride?