Lucid Air With Three Car Seats In Back Row

July 15, 2022

We all know how large the Lucid Air feels from within, we covered that in the space concept Lucid Air presentation. But if you really want to see how large the back seat is, all you need to do is try to fit three kids with car seats/boosters in the back row.

That is exactly what Lucid Owners Forum moderator, hydbob, did. And to help us visualize it, he posted this photo in the forums of his three young children enjoying the 0-60 in 3.0 seconds in the back row. He wrote, “just in case anyone was wondering or needed confirmation.”

It is good to see that three large car seats with children in them do fit comfortably across the rear seat of the Lucid Air.

Personally, I wish I could fit five in the rear but that is why there is a trunk and frunk (kidding of course).

Note: Permission to have this photo on this story was provided by the owner for this story.