Should You Worry About Parking Your Lucid Air At The Airport

June 29, 2022

There are a few things that come to mind when parking your new Lucid Air at the airport for a work or personal trip. When I flew a lot, prior to February 2020, I use to often leave my car in the Newark Airport short term parking. It was often just for a few days and the convenience of walking across the street to your car and not going offsite or in long term parking was worth it to me.

But I did not worry about did I have enough state of charge or will the gas evaporate while the car was parked. The gas was always at the same level when I got into my car after returning to the airport parking garage. But with electric cars, the state of charge is always less after you leave the car unplugged for days than it was when you first parked it.

There are two primary concerns when parking your Lucid Air at the airport; (1) having enough state of charge to drive home after you return to the airport from your trip and (2) the car still being there and not getting stolen.

State Of Charge Concern With Parking At Airport

There is currently a thread in the Lucid Owners Forum asking if there is a concern with leaving your Lucid Air at the airport for a trip. The concern is how much state of charge will the car lose by sitting unplugged and idle in the airport parking lot.

There are a lot of factors to consider with this but in general these Lucid Air EVs lose about 2 miles of range per day when sitting idle in the parking lot or in your garage. So if you park the Lucid Air at the airport with 300 miles of range and you park for 5 days, that means you will have about 290 miles of range when you return. If you live 20 miles away from the airport, you have no real state of charge concerns about parking your Lucid Air for several weeks at the airport.

Now, other factors can impact your range reduction when it sits idle. The weather, the conditions, if you check the status of your car in the app (which wakes up the car and uses more battery), if alarms go off, or other factors.

The recommendation in the forum is to charge 100%, top it off, before going to the airport and don’t check the app unless you must. Then you should be fine and have no worries.

Theft Concerns With Parking At Airport

A recent poll of Lucid Air owners showed many owners are concerned about having their Lucid Air stolen when parked at certain locations. So this is top of mind and it is something I personally think about.

I once had my car broken into at Newark Airport’s short term parking, it was the Lexus SC 430. I arrived at the Newark Airport’s short term parking, walked to where I parked the car and it was missing. I went over to a red phone in the lot, picked it up and they located my car. They moved it to a new location after it was broken into. The car was fine, they were able to prevent it from being driven out of the lot but the window had to be repaired, which was minor.

So now, when I park at Newark Airport’s short term parking, I park in a location where the Newark Airport’s employees park. I was told it is the safest place to park because there are always airport employees and security walking back and forth in that area.

I am not sure I would feel comfortable parking a Lucid Air at the airport but if I had to, I’d park as close to a security location or where there is a lot of foot traffic, so it would be harder to steal the car without people noticing.

Other Concerns

Did I miss other concerns related to parking your Lucid Air at the airport? If so, comment below.