Are New Lucid Air Vehicles Coming With New Roof With Less Metal Trim?

June 28, 2022

Starting in some of the Bear flyovers from mid-June, like this one, we all noticed that some of the Lucid Air vehicles had a missing metal trim on the back top part of the car. The glass canopy seemed to have less metal polished trim and more glass.

But it is super hard to tell from those flyovers.

The Lucid Motors website shows the back glass trim clearly in the car designer tool:

Here is a screenshot we published of a car missing that polished trim on the back:

@mnewber1 – a moderator in the Lucid Owners Forum published this edited photo in the forums asking if maybe this has to do with the rumor from late May of Lucid Motors replacing the windshield design? He said “Do we think this is the new windshield that @gmglass alluded to? Notice there’s no rear metal trim. Also a good picture to show how many greys have been produced and probably just struggling with fit and finish issues:”

We have yet to see any photos of actual Lucid Air vehicles delivered without that polished metal trim in the rear top portion of the car but maybe we will see some soon?

I suspect without the trim it would look a lot better but we have yet to see detailed photos comparing the two.

Or maybe these cars are half built and some how did not have the trim added – but that seems weird.

It is funny, no one seems to know what is going on with these cars mysteriously missing those back trims. I have reached out to Lucid Motors for a statement but I doubt I will hear back. If I do, I will update this story.