Most Lucid Air Buyers Never Owned An Electric Vehicle Before

June 15, 2022

This is my first electric vehicle (EV) that I am going to own – the Lucid Air will be my first EV that I have ever driven actually. I’ve been in Tesla EVs before, I’ve never driven one. So going from an ICE, internal combustion engine, vehicle will be super new to me, but I love new things – so I am excited.

The thing is, I am not alone. 55% of those polled in the Lucid Owners Forum said this will be there first EV they ever have owned. The poll size is small, it is only 51 people and we know there are 30,000 reservations for the Lucid Air but it is the only poll of Lucid Air owners that I am aware of.

Breakdown Of EV Ownership By Lucid Air Buyers

Here is a cute pie chart showing the distribution of prior ownership of EVs for Lucid Air buyers:

Here is the breakdown in the data in a grid-format:

Number of EVsNumber of VotesPercentage
0 EVs28 votes54.9%
1 EV11 votes24.6%
2 EVs2 votes3.9%
3 EVs6 votes11.8%
4 EVs3 votes5.9%
5 EVs0 votes0%
6 EVs0 votes0%
7 EVs+1 vote2%

I guess we have some car collectors in the Lucid forums.