How To Save 10-12% On A Lucid Air? Um, Order Today…

May 30, 2022

Normally luxury items do not go on sale that often and honestly to find a deal on a car these days is almost impossible. But if you want to save 10 to 12% or so on a Lucid Air electric vehicle – the answer is simple – order today (or before June 1st).

There are no coupon codes, no affiliate link you need to click on to order, I don’t make a commission on any sales generated from this blog post. It is just simple fact. If you order today, you can save thousands of dollars on a Lucid Air.

In fact, on some trims you can save $15,000 dollars if you order today.

Price Increases June 1st

Lucid Motors announced in its last earnings call that the prices for the Lucid Air will be going up on June 1st. So you had a few weeks to prepare yourself to buy this expensive electric vehicle – if that is what you wanted to do.

How much exactly you will save depends on the trim you want to buy.

  • Grand Touring is going from $139,000 to $154,000 (up 10%)
  • Touring is going from $95,000 to $107,400 (up 12%)
  • Pure is going from $77,400 to $87,400 (up 12%)

Lucid also said they will adjust pricing for options for the Touring and Pure variants, such as the Glass Canopy, DreamDrive Pro, and Surreal Sound Pro. Those updated prices will soon be available on the Lucid website, and I am sure we will report on them when the prices come out.

Currently for the Touring, the extra options cost:

  • $800 Cosmo Silver exterior color
  • $800 Quantum Gray exterior color
  • $800 Zenith Red exterior color
  • $4,000 Glass Canopy
  • $1,500 21″ Aero Blade wheels
  • $9,000 DreamDrive Pro
  • $2,900 Surreal Sound Pro

Note: The extra option prices are not listed yet for the Pure variant.

If you reserve today, you will have 30 days to confirm your order, which means the deposit is no longer refundable, to secure the price. So reserve a Lucid, for 30-days, you have nothing to lose until you confirm that order.

Oh, you can order at the Lucid Motors web site.

When you go to reserve on the Lucid Motors site, you get this notice warning that this is the last chance to reserve at this price: