Lucid Air Goes Almost 700 Miles On One Charge

May 24, 2022

The folks over at the The Kilowatts YouTube channel took the Lucid Air Dream Edition (probably the range variant) almost 700 miles on a single charge. This EV is rated to go 520 miles in best circumstances but this group managed to push it to 687.4 miles on a single charge. This is even after it suffered a flat and required a tire change on the way, which hurt efficiency and range in a big way.

Here is the video, I summarize the facts below:

  • Distance traveled: 687.4 miles
  • 35 Hours driven
  • One flat and tire change
  • Changed drivers ever ~3 hours
  • Drove 27 miles per hour
  • Went into neutral for stopping or turning
  • Tire pressure jacked up
  • Took out some extra weight from the car, like floor mats
  • Looks like they didn’t run any additional power, like plugging phones in, turning off the AC, etc.
  • They averaged 6.4 mile per kilowatt hour but it was more, the car seemed to not go passed that for software limitations.

This is a record for a production EV but not a record for of 999 miles by IT Asset Partners, Inc. “ITAP” at Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana, California, USA, on 16-17 October 2017. But again, that was not a production car.

The Kilowatts team felt they could get more out of the Lucid if the weather was better, if they went on smoother roads and maybe drove faster but this was the test they ran.

Discussion on this test at the Lucid Owners Forum.