Steve Wozniak Posts Review A Week Into Driving The Lucid Air Dream Edition

May 25, 2022

As you know, Steve Wozniak, aka Woz, the co-founder of Apple Computers, recently accepted delivery of his Lucid Air Dream Edition. Since then he has been quiet on his experience with the Lucid Air and what he likes or dislikes about it.

Woz posted a short review of his experience with the Lucid Air just 8 hours ago within the comments section of an Electrek blog post about EV charges and their future.

In summary Woz posted:

  • He loves the look of the Lucid Air, more so than the Tesla
  • Misses Tesla’s beta autopilot feature
  • Adaptive cruise control works fine in the Lucid
  • Collision avoidance is useful and helpful in the Lucid
  • Lucid is one step closer to I for AI, he said
  • AC works fine
  • Tidal for music is “great”
  • Software UI is as bad as Tesla
  • It is an eye catcher, people come up to the car a lot
  • Charging and range is great
  • Lucid has “fewer lies so far”

Here is what he wrote in the comments section:

We’ve only had our Lucid for one week, for only one road trip. We like the looks of the car better than Tesla, but Tesla is very beautiful too. There is no autopilot yet, same as Tesla, where it’s only beta. We miss that a bit but we’d gotten in the habit of driving our Tesla almost raw, only using the beta cruise control. The adaptive cruise control of the Lucid Air (Dream Edition) actually works without any problems.

Collision avoidance, what is there, is good and has helped us. Not only does the Lucid have front and rear cameras for the display but it creates an overhead view of everything, including what you are backing up into. I can’t describe how incredible this view is. It’s like one step closer to I for AI.

The air conditioner actually works like every car I’ve ever had other than the Tesla. Built-in Tidal is great. We won’t use Spotify on our Tesla because the sound is lousy.

The UI is as bad as Tesla’s. You try to do something and take logical steps and still can’t find some things. We haven’t had time to look for a manual online or to research videos as to how to do things.

Everywhere we go people come up to admire the car and even take pictures of it. This is our Colorado car but we still have 2 Tesla MS’s in California. We are so busy it will take us months to move (my travel schedule for my occupation as a public speaker).
For our numerous road trips all the time, the 520 mile range was fantastic, but we still make rest stops. The 350 kW charging rate is also fantastic and Electrify America chargers are everywhere now.

Bottom line: Tesla is ahead on amount of time to get to where they are and Lucid is just starting. There’s no need to take a side. Both are good examples of where we want to go. Lucid fewer lies so far.

He added before that:

20 minutes in our Lucid Air gives us 300 miles range at 350 kW. That’s how we began our trip this week, from CA to CO (moving) starting at a BofA. It was very convenient. But honestly, EA chargers anywhere are just as good for us. The Lucid Air came with 3 years of free EA charging.

Here is a photo of Woz accepting his Lucid Air Dream Edition:

Hat tip to Lucid Owners Forum for spotting this.