Lucid Air with E-Z Pass – Where To Position Transponder Tags

April 29, 2022

Some cars, like the Lucid Air, have windshields that block transponders and E-Z Pass tags/transponders from working. It is blocked due to some sort of metallic coating placed over the Lucid Air’s glass cockpit windshield.

Position The E-Z Pass In The Lucid Air

The good news is that Lucid and other car manufacturers who do a similar thing, leave a small space at the bottom passenger side of the windshield to place your E-Z Pass tag so that it can be read by the electronic toll collector.

The photo above shows where it should be positioned but for some, that doesn’t look so pretty.

Going Without E-Z Pass In the Lucid Air

In the Lucid Owners Forum, some are looking into doing away with the tag/transponder and E-Z Pass completely and using an app named Uproad. I personally have not tried it but one Lucid Air buyer said he did and wrote “I am hoping to avoid having to use an EZPass transponder altogether in my AGT and rather use the Uproad app on my phone. I have now trialed it a few times over the past month (here in MA) in my Audi eTron, which also has a built-in toll transponder, and then compared the charges and it seems to work great. So I plan to ditch using EZpass when I get my AGT.”

I signed up and I will give it a try but you can try it too, here is $5 off:

1. Download the Uproad app
2. Enter the ST4IE promo code during account setup
3. Activate your account with Uproad and get a $5 reward.

E-Z Pass and many others require you to use the tag, even though they can scan your plate. Some states just scan your plate without the tag. But beware, you can be charged an extra fee if you do not have a tag and they use your plate instead. And of course, a lot of people are thinking about not putting front plates on their vehicles.

Update – Windshield Change

According to one Lucid owner, Lucid has recently changed how they manufacturer the glass windshield and canopy where it no longer uses a metalized film. This was posted over here on May 3, 2022 and he said “I asked Lucid about the windshield. Had it changed. This is the response I received:”

”We have changed the fabrication for the windshield and no longer have the metalized film. You can place your transponder anywhere now and it will read just fine!”