Lucid Air Color Choice Might Delay Your Car Delivery

March 18, 2022

The Lucid Air comes in several exterior colors, but you may not know that your color choice may delay your order. This is at least in the early days of the production and delivery of Lucid Airs to the first several thousand customers. The image above are the color options you’d see if you walk into a Lucid Air Studio – they have these mini cars on display to show you the colors.

Lucid Air Color Options

The Lucid Air comes in several colors, but the Dream Edition only had four color options while the other editions have five color options.

The Dream Edition comes in Eureka Gold, Stellar White, Infinite Black and Zenith Red. The other trims are offered in Stellar White, Infinite Black, Zenith Red, Cosmos Silver and Quantum Grey. The Eureka Gold is exclusive to the Dream Edition. At least this is according to the web site configuration.

Silver & Grey Delays

I am watching the Lucid Owners Forums carefully as Grand Touring trim reservations are being confirmed and I am noticing that those who reserved the Cosmos Silver and Quantum Grey exteriors are being told they can switch to another color to expedite their delivery.

It seems that ordering the Stellar White, Infinite Black, Zenith Red exteriors will get you your car a few months earlier.

There are rumors that the Quantum Grey color just started production but that the Cosmos Silver will set you back even further. Those Grand Touring reservations might see their Cosmos Silver cars in June or July (or later) while those with Quantum Grey will see them a month or so earlier.

Keep in mind, the Dream Edition did not come in Cosmos Silver and Quantum Grey, so they are just ramping that up now.

Switch Your Color

Some of those who reserved the Lucid Air in Cosmos Silver and Quantum Grey are receiving phone calls from their representatives asking them if they want to swap colors to get the cars sooner. Others are calling Lucid Air to make the swap themselves. And of course, others are willing to wait.

Touring Models

One would assume that by the time the Grand Touring trims are sorted out with colors that the Touring models will be in a good position for any color – but who knows. I personally reserved the Quantum Grey and I kind of do not want the other color options, I don’t know if I would change my color to get the car a month or two early.