EZ Spare Offers 5% Discount For Lucid Air Spare Tire Wheel

April 20, 2022

The Lucid Air does not come with a spare tire, probably because the extra weight impacts range and performance. Either way, some Lucid Air owners are buying their own off-market spare tire to have in their trunk or frunk – just in case.

A group of Lucid owners got together in the Lucid Owners Forums and got EZ Spare to offer the group a 5% discount off the spare tire. The coupon code is LUCIDSAVE and can be used on EZ Spare’s web site to get the discount.

The spare tire/wheel Lucid owners are buying is this one, the red one. It is wheel part number 25075 and costs $409. I believe that is the correct one but you might want to reach out to EZ Spare to confirm. This is the email EZ Spare sent one of the Lucid owners:

Hi Xxxxxxx, we have successfully set up a Discount Code of LUCIDSAVE for the consumers buying spares for the Lucid to get a 5% discount off of the $389 price of the spare wheel/tire. We cannot discount a tire changing kit or the shipping. I appreciate you setting this up on the Lucid Forum and we sure would like a photo. I assume the person would just store it in the trunk? Thank you for your assistance.

The photo above is of a Lucid Air Dream Edition owner testing this spare to make sure it fits, he said it does.