Unofficial Lucid Air Grand Touring Batch Tracker

April 19, 2022

I am a huge fan of the Lucid Owners Forum, you have real life humans who have either reserved, confirmed or have the Lucid Air in their driveway talking about the Lucid Air. One of the most popular threads is where those Lucid owners who are in the forum are communicating when they reserved the Lucid Air, when they confirmed their Lucid Air order, when they got their VIN assignment, and ultimately when they got their car delivered.

The moderator of the forum, mnewber1, keeps an updated list of those status changes based on the communication from those owners. He broke down by color, which cars are currently where in the process. This was done for the Dream Editions and now he is doing this for Grand Touring trims in a thread named Grand Touring Batch Tracker.

Here is a static screenshot of the current status as of today but keep in mind, this is just a sampling of all the customers. The vast majority of Lucid owners do not know about or post in the Lucid Owners Forums. It is hard to say what percentage of Lucid owners do post these details in the forums, but you’d have to imagine most do not.

You can see he broke it down by color, and the grey and silver exterior colors have yet to be assigned any VINs. We expect the grey VINs to be assigned soon but the silver will be Q3.

Here is that screenshot but make sure to check out the Grand Touring Batch Tracker thread: