About 50 Lucid Airs Left The Lucid Motors Lot?

April 3, 2022

The Bear’s Workshop YouTube channel does flyovers of the Lucid Motors headquarters fairly often and some, including myself, use this to see how many Lucid Airs the company is moving out of production and into customers hands.

It seems that about 50 cars have left the lot over the past week based on these photos. I grabbed the screenshots from the Lucid Owners Forums moderator’s post over here.

March 28, 2022:

You can see the top of the lot has about 30+ cars in it on March 28th, plus, you can see there are about four and a half rows of cars in the lower lot:

March 30, 2022:

A couple of days later, on March 30th, there are fewer cars in the top lot, but it seems about the same number in the lower lot:

April 2, 2022:

On April 2nd, now we see only 3 cars in the top lot and more maybe added to the bottom lot with another row of cars – kind of?

Cars Leaving The Lot

We have been seeing Grand Touring Lucid Airs out in the wild, we have seen owners confirm delivery this week in the forums and on Twitter. How many were delivered this week? That is a hard question to answer. I’d say around 50 since I suspect most buyers are not posting in forums about their deliveries and many are not posting on Twitter.