Lucid Motors Posts Touring & Pure Availability Dates

March 22, 2022

Up until now, we have been guessing when the lower trims of the Lucid Air will be available to customers. The sales representatives have been giving customers some fuzzy answers over the past several months. But now, the Lucid website itself has posted when the Lucid Air Touring and Lucid Air Pure trims will be available.

Touring Trim Q3 2022 Availability (Now Q4)

When you design your car on the Lucid website, and if you pick the Touring trim, it now shows Q3 2022 availability on the web site:

Update: In May 2022, Lucid Motors updated the site to switch the Touring variant from Q3 2022 to Q4 2022 – more details over here.

If you go through the design your car wizard, the Q3 can turn into Q4 or later depending on the options. For some reason, the Cosmo Silver color also has a label of Q3 availability – so that might be a concern that it won’t be produced as quickly as the other colors.

The metal roof pushes you back to Q4 2022 and if you do not go with the Surreal Sound Pro but go with the cheaper Surreal Sound, it will push you back to Q4 2022 as well.

Pure Trim Q4 2022 Availability

When you design your car on the Lucid website, and if you pick the Pure trim, it now shows Q4 2022 availability on the web site:

The other options currently do not show that they will delay the Pure trim orders as of yet but that might change.

Sooner Than Expected

These availability timelines are sooner than most of us expected at the start of the year. I reserved a Touring trim and I was nervous that my lease extension would expire before my Lucid was available. But if I get it before February 2023, I am in a good position and now that it is showing Q3 availability, I am less nervous about being without a car in February 2023.

I first spotted these notes via the Lucid Owners Forums over here and here.