Welcome to the Lucid Insider Blog

March 15, 2022

The Lucid Air EV caught my eye several months ago and a couple of months ago, I decided to place a reservation for one of the trims of this breathtaking EV. Since then, I have been actively watching and sometimes participating in some of the online Lucid Air owner forums, including LucidOwners.com. The community there and elsewhere is eager, very sharing and talking about all the tiny quirks and features of the Lucid Air.

I am an avid blogger on the topic of SEO, SEM and search in general at the Search Engine Roundtable for the past couple of decades, and I figured I’d take a similar approach on this site, the Lucid Insider blog, that I did with search.

So I plan on covering a wide range of topics here related to the Lucid Air including:

  • Issues Lucid Air owners are having with their cars
  • Delivery expectations
  • Showroom experience
  • Lucid software issues and quirks
  • Drive reviews
  • General Lucid news
  • Maybe some stock items (I did buy Lucid stock, like I did Tesla stock and others)
  • My own experience with reserving, hopefully buying and ultimately owning and driving a Lucid Air
  • and more.

What I do know when it comes to blogging is that my vision for the blog will adapt over time, as this blog matures and as the Lucid Air community grows.

So here is to my first blog post on the Lucid Air – looking forward to many more…