Lucid Air Drivers’ Reporting Range Improves After OTA v1.2.10

August 18, 2022

As you may remember, last week, Lucid Motors released a software update (version 1.2.10) for the Lucid Air that delivered improvements to the Lucid Air’s energy and charging system. Well, it seems a lot of Lucid Air drivers’ are reporting range improvements, at least as displayed on the Lucid Air’s dashboards in the car, after the update.

This seems to not just improve the overall range you can go with your Lucid Air but also improves the “vampire drain” some are experiencing when they park their car overnight and then see a loss of range when they go back to their car the following morning.

Travis Morgan posted on Twitter he was getting averaging 2.8 mi/kWh and now after the update, he is getting 3.2 mi/kWh. “That’s a range increase of 47 miles,” he said.

In the Lucid Owners Forums, a lot of drivers are sharing the improvements they are seeing, here are some quotes:

Was averaging 3.4 but now 4.0. Have driven over 2000 miles in 6 weeks.

460 miles -> 469 miles for 21” confirmed (only my 2nd time 100% SOC charge)

I just updated and went from 332 miles to 341.

I remote installed this. I started out 397, few minutes after small 1.2.10 install, it gained to 406 for +9 miles.

I was told today by the head of service at my SC that 1.2.10 is designed to reduce the drain seen after charging that I and others have been discussing. Will be interested to try it out! Also, not sure if this was known but they batch in groups of 100 for OTAs, at least for now!

DC fast charged last night to 325 miles range. Drove home and parked at 321. This morning it’s 319. Initial impression is that they corrected something. I’ll repeat throughout the week to confirm. The battery drain was consistently every time after fast charge for me.