Lucid Motors Lot With Lucid Airs – July 31st (Special) Edition

July 31, 2022

Today, one of the members in the Lucid Owners Forum (aka @Pwmac) did his own photo of the Lucid Motors factory lot from directly over the lot. So this is not a Bear’s flyover but a special edition flyover from another drone.

It is hard to compare the photo because Bear’s flyover is from a distance since he is careful not to fly over Lucid Motor’s property. This photo is directly over the lot and was posted over here in the forums:

You can compare this to the Bear’s flyover on July 28, 2022 video where the screenshot was taken:

It is hard to tell but it does seem some cars did move out of the lower lot and were replaced with cars from the upper lot. The car transporter seems to no longer be in the same spot either. So I do think Lucid did push out some deliveries but it is really hard to tell or guess how many.

These are just single snapshot photos in time and it is almost impossible to count which cars are newly added and which cars have been sitting there.

But at least we have a special edition flyover on a Sunday to compare with the next flyover?

Remember, there are some theories on what the various sections of the lot mean.