Photos Of The Lucid Air Outdoor Cover

July 7, 2022

Here are the first photos I found of a Lucid Air covered up in the official Lucid outdoor car cover. The outdoor car cover costs $450 on the Lucid Store and it is described as “Autobody Armor™ combines Satin Stretch™ fit with the protection of Silverguard™. Three outer layers prevent damage from elements, UV rays, and nicks and dings while the soft inner fleece lining pampers the finish of your car. Features the Air logo on the hood, Lucid logo on the rear.”

There is also an indoor cover for $100 less.

These photos below are from the Lucid Owners Forum of a Lucid Air owner who just put his car in one of these. You can see that there is a flap so you can charge the car while it is covered and you can see the front lights shinning through in the front facing image: