Video: Lucid Air Crash Test

July 6, 2022

Lucid Motors is a new vehicle and like any good marketing company, Lucid has to talk about the safety measures the Lucid Air takes to protect its passengers in case of an accident. You can find some of what Lucid Motors wrote about safety as you scroll down this page on their site.

It says “Lucid Air is designed — first and foremost — to do what’s right for the safety of its passengers. This guiding principle goes beyond simply complying with regulations. Doing the right thing is why Lucid Air is targeted to meet or exceed rigorous global safety standards.”

Lucid Motors did a crash test video back in October 2021, here is that video:

Back then, Lucid Motors said it performed over 100 crash tests, measuring thousands of components. Lucid said in that video, “one vehicle built to keep you safe.”

Lucid added on its website, that the best is to have preventative measures to avoid accidents in the first place. Lucid wrote “The best-case scenario is avoiding accidents in the first place. That’s why we strategically positioned the battery pack to improve handling. And why DreamDrive makes split-second decisions using multi-modal streams of information. Even why the Micro Lens Array headlights provide unprecedented visibility, helping you spot potential problems. In Lucid Air, you’ve got a ton of tech watching out for you.”

Then it talks about prevention, “In the event an impact does occur, Lucid Air is designed to keep you safe and secure. Superior construction leads to superior protection, so Air’s frame is built of bonded aluminum for solid structural rigidity. The cabin surrounds passengers with up to nine airbags — and can accommodate two car seats with anchors in the rear. Even the Glass Canopy and windows are laminated, so they won’t shatter easily or break into large pieces.”

At this point, the NHTSA has no rating for the safety of the Lucid Air – it is just too new.

Some of the folks in the Lucid Owners Forum are concerned about there being so much glass but Lucid addressed that above saying the glass “won’t shatter easily or break into large pieces.”