How Old Are Lucid Air Electric Vehicle Owners?

June 23, 2022

The Lucid Air is not a cheap car, not a cheap electric vehicle, it is targeting the more affluent segment of the population. Lucid Motors made the Lucid Air as a luxury car, a luxury Tesla, if you will. So you would expect the average age of someone who bought or is buying a Lucid Air would generally be older.

The Lucid Owners Forum asked members what their ages are. Keep in mind, there were only 67 votes on this poll at the time of writing this story. 67 is a small sampling of the overall 30,000+ reservations for Lucid Air EVs that Lucid Motors has on order. But maybe it is a representative sample.

Here are the results of the age groups of these Lucid Air buyers:


Here is a screenshot of this chart from the forum:

Here is my cute pie chart: