How To Charge Your Lucid At Electrify America

June 21, 2022

The simple answer is to just plug it in.

Yes, it should be that easy. The second you accept delivery of your new Lucid Air, you should be able to drive to an Electrify America station and plug it in and it should just start charging.

Lucid Motors pre-registers your Lucid Air with Electrify America where Electrify America should detect the car has free charging for three years and not ask you for anything to charge.

If it does not work, then your best bet is to call Lucid Motors, not Electrify America, and ask them to help you charge for free.

But technically, there is nothing specific to do outside of plugging in your car.

For advanced EV users, you probably will want to pre-condition the car on the way to the Electrify America station, so the charging is done more efficiently and so that you can take advantage of the full up to 350kW charging speed.

We have a whole post on how to charge your Lucid Air in general and those tips will work well with Electrify America. But you should not need to press any buttons on the Electrify America screens or do anything special at Electrify America when you arrive. All you need to do is plug in the Electrify America charger into your Lucid Air and it should just begin to charge for free.

You can also check your Lucid app, under Lucid Charging Plan section and then via the “Plan Summary” to confirm you are set up properly.

Pre-conditioning. Lucid said when you’re on the road the fastest way to charge is to use a public EV fast charging station. Fast charging stations use direct current and a higher amount of energy to charge your battery much faster than you can at home.  Your Lucid air can precondition your battery before fast charging pre-conditioning optimizes the temperature of your battery so you receive the maximum amount of energy from fast charging stations. Start pre-conditioning from the charging screen by tapping start preconditioning about 20 minutes before you intend to plug in. The vehicle will optimize the battery temperature on route to the charging station. If you arrive at the charging station before preconditioning is complete you can still plug in and charging will begin automatically. 

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