Lucid Air Owners Compete On Charging Speed – EV Charge Racing

June 13, 2022

There is a healthy online community forming of Lucid Air owners (there is also one for $LCID investors that is more vocal) where the Lucid owners are sharing photos and experiences of their drive and using the car.

I found one that I thought was funny where on Lucid Air owner was showing how fast his car was charging on an Electrify America station on Twitter. He said he “found a 350kW tower” and was juicing up and shared a video of it:

In this video he was not getting the full 350kW but then Travis Morgan shared a photo of him getting 290kW, in which he replied that he did at one point break 300kW.

To get the most, you need to go to a level 3 charger, like EA’s 350kW chargers and make sure to pre-condition your battery 20 minutes prior to plugging in. Then it may charge early on at the highest output and then slow as you get towards the end.

Here is an excellent review of the charging of the Lucid Air: