How To Activate Launch Mode On A Lucid Air

June 13, 2022

Currently, the Lucid Air manual does not talk about the “launch mode” feature of the Lucid Air. It does talk about Sprint mode, which is insanely fast. But launch mode let’s you step up even the 0-60 faster than you’d get in normal spring mode.

The awesome @baddriver20202 on Twitter shared how to do this and then a bunch of Lucid Air owners shared a number of videos of them jetting their Lucid Airs from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds.

Activate Launch Mode On A Lucid Air

After you get in your Lucid Air and turn it on and drive to a safe area, where there are no other cars, maybe on a race track or something, then take these steps:

  1. Deactivate the ADAS features
  2. Turn on Spring mode
  3. Wait a few seconds while foot is on the break until the bear flag icon comes up on the screen
  4. Then press firmly down on the accelerator and hold on tight

Launch Mode Lucid Bear

Here is a close up of the Lucid bear holding a checked flag, it says “Launch Mode Activated.” This will show up on the left of the speedometer in the center console.

Videos Of Lucid Air’s Launch Mode

Here are some videos of the Lucid Air doing its thing in Launch Mode:

Lucid Air owners are also discussing this in the Lucid Owners Forum.