Lucid Air Shock & Tilt Alarm Can Trigger Car Horn

June 9, 2022

The Lucid Air is new, it has new software, and the software needs improvement – no one would argue with that. Lucid Motors has been pushing out software updates frequently enough, trying to address the larger issues. One large issue that a number of Lucid Air owners have experienced is the “Shock & Tilt” alarm that can sometimes trigger the car horn to honk and go off at all times of the day or night.

There have been numerous complaints about this in the Lucid Owner Forums, here is the most recent one that triggered the Lucid Air to start honking in the middle of the night for one owner. He said:

I had to call Lucid Customer Service at 3:45 a.m. this morning because the car was honking in the garage. It turned out it was a false “Shock & Tilt” alarm that some other posters have experienced recently.

The Rep asked if my car had just gotten a software update. When I told her it hadn’t, she said they are pushing 1.2.6 to all Air owners by tomorrow (Friday, June 10).

It seems that Lucid Motors may think version 1.2.6, which was just released, will resolve this issue and that Lucid will push this OTA out to all Lucid Air owners by tomorrow. So that is promising news on the software side.

Here is another complaint in the forums about that issue.

This issue seems to be spreading. I would find it much more annoying if it happened in my garage in the middle of the night rather than at work. Mine does it at work and I worry that my colleagues think that I am just trying to call attention to my Lucid.

More reports here:

Service visits:

  • Mar 29: Whistling AC – resolved be actuator recalibration and 1.2.1.
  • April 19: Right rear window inoperative – resolved by plugging it back in after window tint technician unplugged it. Not Lucid’s fault and they did not charge me for the repair which I really appreciate.
  • May 3: False shock and tilt alarms – trouble shooting but not resolved.
  • May 18: False shock and tilt alarms – Replaced frunk latches but did not resolve.
  • June 1: Wiring harness recall Inspection – no issues.
  • June 10: Drive system warning and unexpected frunk opening. This is in the future.

Unresolved issues that may be either hardware or software:

  • Left rear radar error parking next to a building
  • Screen crashes – both right cockpit panel and pilot panel
  • Failure to initiate level 2 charge without valet card reset
  • False shock and tilt alarms

And more here:

I encountered another false shock and tilt alarm at 4:56PM. Similar situation to prior instances. Level 2 charging, AC set remotely, alarm occurred approaching the car and about 15 feet away. This has happened numerous times and was first reported to Lucid on April 29. When can I expect a resolution?

Over here as well:

Interesting – They replaced my frunk latches already in an attempt to resolve the false shock and tilt alarms thinking that the car was in neither a locked or unlocked state because of the front latches. It did not fix the false shock and tilt alarms. I think you are correct about a flaw in the frunk latches.

Also here:

I am starting to think that the engineering teams are getting overloaded, not the service centers. Engineering is still reviewing my screen crashes and shock and tilt false alarms. Previously they would have guidance for the service center in a day and they have been reviewing my issues for a week and a half. I think issues that do not require engineering support are still getting resolved very quickly. This is just an impression based on comments from the service team so take with a large grain of salt.

Here is a screenshot from the iOS notifications this alarm can falsely trigger:

There are many many more complaints about this “Shock and Tilt” false alarms and I hope OTA version 1.2.6 resolves them for good.