How far did you go before charging your Lucid Air; lowest state of charge

May 31, 2022

We have all been there with our ICE, a conventional vehicle powered solely by an Internal Combustion Engine and gas. How far can you go when the gas light goes on and the car warns you that you need to fill up.

Well, Lucid Air owners are asking how far have you gone with your Lucid Air before recharging it.

A Lucid Owners Forum thread said “what is your lowest SOC?” SOC stands for state of charge, how much charge the car has relative to its capacity.

Currently, the lowest SOC in the forum that was posted was only 3%. Another said “4% at 2am somewhere near LA,” Los Angeles.

These would make me anxious – but I suspect a lot of these are experienced EV owners. This Lucid Air will be my first EV and I suspect I will plug mine in nightly, as they suggest.

Here are some screenshots from Lucid Air owners showing how low they went:

This all reminds me of this Seinfeld episode: