Should You Plugin and Charge Your Lucid Air Every Night?

March 25, 2022

One question going through my mind, as I await the arrival of my Lucid Air, is should I plugin the Lucid Air every night even though on average I drive less than 30 miles per day? It is a common question I see asked in the forums and there are tons of articles and blog posts on the topic.

What Lucid Told Me

When I went to the showroom in Short Hills, New Jersey, I asked the sales representative there that question. He told me, the general rule is that a Lucid that is plugged in, is always a happy Lucid.

So he said, plug it in every night even if you don’t drive much. He said by default, they configure it to charge to 80% of the battery because charging to 100% each time might lessen the life of the battery. You should charge to 100% before long trips that will use all of your range but that is not a typical daily driving pattern.

I do not know if he was an expert on the topic, it is a question I plan on asking the folks who deliver the Lucid Air – because they are helpful when it comes to setting everything up.

Short Answer Is It Doesn’t Hurt To Plugin Every Night

I’ve seen websites that claim it can hurt the battery to plug your car in every night. That is technically not true, the EVs, and the Lucid’s built-in Wunderbox, which Lucid says “is an absolute beast of a battery charger. With 900V+ architecture, it’s the fastest EV charging system available – able to fill up to 300 miles of charge in about 20 minutes,” is smart enough to not hurt the battery.

So the Lucid Air’s Wunderbox will ensure the battery is not damaged by charging every night.

Smart Home Chargers

In addition, I plan on either getting the at home Lucid charger or a JuiceBox or Wallbox charger, that you can configure to charge your car in a smart way. So between the charger not over charging and the Wunderbox – it will likely be hard to damage the battery.

Plugin Nightly

I will probably plugin the car nightly, as I am very into having a routine. What I will likely do is plugin the car when I pull into my garage and have the smart charger charge the Lucid Air to 80% on a schedule, maybe starting at midnight or so.

I do not have an Electrify America station within 20 minutes of my office or house, so I likely will be charging my car mostly from home and not with the free, three years of charging offered with the Lucid Air.

There is a lot of discussion on the topic of charging at home and nightly in the Lucid Owners Forums – check it out.

Update: Lucid Motors released a video on charging on April 25, 2022 that basically says you should charge when you are not driving. The clip says “for optimal battery health, we recommend you plug your vehicle in whenever you aren’t driving. This allows your battery to charge when your vehicle is otherwise not being used, and helps maintain optimal battery temperature.”

Here is that video: