Lucid Air 19″ Wheels Modification

May 25, 2022

The Lucid Air 19″ Aero Range wheel type is not as exciting as the other options Lucid Motors offers for the car. But if you want the most range you can get out of your Lucid Air, you will want to go with the 19″ smaller wheels.

You can make those 19″ wheels look more exciting? The answer is yes. We covered some Lucid Air owners who have pulled out the wheel caps to expose more of the inside of the wheel. And that does look better.

But one other Lucid Air owner went a bit fancier and had Lucid Motors not only remove those cover caps from the 19″ Aero Range wheels, but also put the Lucid disc in the middle center of the wheel and then added on lug nut caps and honestly, it looks awesome.

Here is his photo of his car, as he posted in the Lucid Owners Forums:

Let’s zoom into the front wheel:

Compare that to the standard with the wheel covers on:

Then compare that to when the wheel covers are removed but the other modifications are not made:

The modifications made with the lug nuts and “Lucid” in the center really make the wheel look a million bucks.