Report: Lucid Air To Fix kWh Per Mile Calculation In Software

May 18, 2022

There is a new report from a Lucid Air owner that Lucid Motors is working on an over the air (OTA) update for Lucid Air EVs to fix the reported incorrect values for the kWh per mile, the miles per kilowatt-hour.

As a reminder, some have noticed that over time, these calculations seem to improve and not everyone is getting as much as they’d expect from the Lucid Air.

One Lucid owner said in the Lucid Owners Forum that a Lucid service tech visited him today and he was told that Lucid Motor’s technology group is working on an over the air update to fix these calculations. He wrote these notes from his talk with the rep:

  • Tech’s group has performed testing that shows that cars are calculating the incorrect values for MI/KWH.
  • “Since Last Charge” is especially wrong
  • Trip A and B (if cleared immediately after charging) are better, but still not completely correct
  • The mis-calculations are not consistent between cars
  • They pulled all my car’s data and everything was clean
  • Tech says it will be addressed via OTA and to not worry about it as everything in my car’s data looked good

It has been a super long time since the last OTA update despite Lucid pushing out many early on. So hopefully there will be a big OTA update soon.

And hopefully people will see better reported kWh per mile reported in the Lucid Air. This kind of reminds me of when Apple had a glitch with both the battery level and cell reception dial that was fixed with an OTA update.