Is Sirius XM Radio Coming To Lucid Air In Next Software Update?

May 11, 2022

While it has been several weeks since Lucid Motors released a OTA software update, the next update is expected to be a big one. Some have heard from Lucid employees that Sirius XM Radio will be in that next software update.

A Lucid Owners Forum thread has one Lucid Air owner said he recently picked up his Lucid Air Grand Touring and he was complaining to the Lucid delivery representative about it not having Sirius XM radio and that he would look to install it other ways. The Lucid representative told him not to, that it is coming really soon.

He wrote in the forums “I asked him should I just go get it installed. He advised that I don’t do that. Said this was the number one complaint. Told me that the app would be in the next OTA update. He asked me to wait a month before I had some tech guy digging around trying to install Sirius on a brand-new Lucid Air GT. Hope he’s right!”

So maybe Sirius XM Radio is coming soon to a Lucid, maybe before Apple CarPlay which we expect by the end of the summer.