7 Weeks Since Lucid Motors Released A Software Update For The Lucid Air

May 11, 2022

It has now been about 7 weeks since Lucid Motors released an over-the-air (OTA) software update for the car. In Q1 2022, Lucid said it released 11 software updates to the Lucid Air, almost one per week. But that seemed to have stalled in Q2, where we saw maybe one software update since April 1st.

The Lucid owners in the Lucid Owners Forums are getting antsy for an update, here are some quotes:

I wonder if the next one is going to be big or they have deprioritized software updates (i hope not).

It would be crazy for them to not be working on updates 24/7. It is by far the largest complaint about the car and discussed/joked about all over the Internet.

Then there is an argument in the forum about is it better to push updates out weekly or monthly, which is better for the consumer and which is not.

Lucid owners on Twitter are asking for an update as well…

It does make you wonder if Lucid Motors is going to be releasing a massive update with a ton of goodies, including CarPlay support and fixing a ton of the annoying bugs with the car? But time will tell.

Right now, Lucid Air owners are super antsy for a new software update for the car.