Lucid Motors Delivers First Dream Edition To Canada

May 9, 2022

Lucid Motors posted a video and message on Twitter and other social channels saying “now delivering Dreams to our friends in Canada.”

This may be a video of the first Lucid Air Dream Edition to have been delivered to a Canada resident based on this messaging. Jeff Curry from Lucid Motors confirmed on Twitter that this is the first Lucid Air delivery to a Canadian customer.

Here is the video posted on social of this Lucid Air being delivered:

The pricing for the Lucid Air is different in Canada, Lucid posted those details over here:

I do wonder if this is officially the last Dream Edition to have been delivered? We know they took off the waitlist option for Dream Editions weeks ago, so we assumed they were all delivered but maybe this one had to wait a bit for Canadian legality issues? I am not sure…