Lucid Air Tri-Motor Widebody Photos

May 1, 2022

Jonny Liberman, the Senior Features Editor at Motor Trend, posted several photos of the Lucid Air tri-motor with a widebody. He posted these on Instagram and wrote “The Lucid Air Tri-Motor Widebody.” He said he thinks he can post these now but he took these photos while he “was up at Laguna Seca a couple of weeks ago watching this electric monster try and set an electric car lap record. Which it did.”

He added that “two days later, that Tesla Model S Plaid went quicker.”

He said that he knows the Lucid Air tri-motor can make “2,010 horsepower” and this is only a “super early prototype.” “This is the car that did 9.2 seconds in the quarter-mike, back on skinny 265/285 tires. Now Air 22 here is on 285/325 R compound Trofeos,” he added.

Here are more of those photos via his Instagram post:

Here is an old video of this vehicle doing its thing: