Lucid Motors Asks For Feature Requests For Lucid App

April 19, 2022

Len Devanna, the Head of Digital Experience at Lucid Motors, posted in the Lucid Owners Forums asking Lucid owners what they’d like to see in the Lucid Motors mobile app. I did a pretty detailed breakdown of the Lucid Motors app a week or so ago, but Lucid Motors clearly wants to make it even better.

Len Devanna posted in the forums “Greetings Lucid Owners. If you had a magic wand, what enhancements or additions would you like to see made to the Lucid mobile app? Asking for a friend.”

Here are some of the requests people posted:

  • The ability to set charge times (i.e. during off peak times)
  • Set preconditioning schedule (i.e. Mondays at 6:30 am, everyday at 5 pm, etc.)
  • Wake up the car every time quickly after it goes to sleep
  • Have iOS widgets for quick controls
  • Window controls
  • Siri controls even when car is asleep
  • Summon car feature
  • Detection and alert if someone gets super close to the car
  • View camera so I can check if anyone is snooping on my car
  • Open/Close Charge Port
  • Open/Close Frunk
  • Open /Close Trunk
  • Lock/Unlock Doors (preferably specifying which ones)
  • Flash lights
  • Honk Horn
  • Turn on/off Climate (seat conditioning also)
  • Turn on/off Windshield Defroster
  • Pre-delivery to communicate things like timelines
  • A demo mode, for those of us who don’t have VINs yet.

Those are just some of the items in the wishlist in the Lucid Owners Forums thread, there are many more and you can add your own there too!

It is great to see Lucid Motors is reaching out for feedback from real life owners!