Lucid Motors Ships a Lucid Air with Mixed Interior Styling by Mistake

April 7, 2022

Lucid Motors is in the process of confirming, building and shipping Grand Touring models to early reservation holders now and sometimes things do not get built as planned. One customer reported his car was about to be delivered by a last minute quality assurance check halted that when Lucid Motors noticed the interior had a mix of both the Tahoe interior with the Mojave interior.

The customer said the doors were done in Tahoe (brown) but the rest of the interior was done in Mojave (black). He posted this in the Lucid Owners Forums saying “In the you can’t make this up category, they somehow installed Tahoe interior doors with my Mojave everything else. They creatively gave me an option to leave car in Florida, install the correct panels and then ship car to CT or I can take delivery tomorrow and they can swap the door panels in CT. I had a third option that since I will be back once or twice over next 6 weeks and have PPF and ceramic coating lined up in Florida as well as a planned road trip to CT that I will pick up car tomorrow and when they have a better idea when panels will come in, we’ll arrange the panel swap in Florida. I give them low marks for quality control (I mean you can’t have two more different looks) but high marks for trying to make things right. And yes I will post pictures of the only Tahoe/Mojave color combination that will ever occur.”

So Lucid at least gave him some options here, which is super nice. I personally would keep the mix breed car, because it is so unique but that is just me. The photo above is a rendering a Lucid forum member made and posted here. I am awaiting for the owner to receive the car and post photos of it to share those below.

This is what a normal Mojave interior looks like, with the normal doors:

I kind of like the mix breed – but I also like Tahoe, that is what I ordered.