Can You Change Your Lucid Air Specifications After You Order?

April 4, 2022

Lucid Motors lets you reserve your car and specifications for that car on their web site. You can pick the trim, the exterior colors, interior finishes, the wheel sizes and some other aspects of the car.

After Reserving Your Lucid Air

Some wonder if they are locked into what they selected when they reserve the Lucid Air. Typically the answer is no. But you do want to pick the right trim early on, so make sure to pick either the Grand Touring, Touring or Pure. You can always upgrade or downgrade trims and Lucid says when you upgrade or downgrade, you won’t lose your place in the line, i.e. Lucid will still use your reservation date for priority. But if you reserver a Pure and then decide to upgrade to a Grand Touring, you might not get the Grand Touring as soon as you would have if you would have initially ordered the Grand Touring. It depends on when Lucid Motors starts confirming the orders and for Grand Tourings, that has begun.

Note: I go through the stages of ordering a Lucid in super detail over here.

I should note one caveat – it seems like the Silver colors are pretty delayed and maybe Lucid is not confirming as many of those reservations – although some have been confirmed.

But if you are not changing trims, then no worries. When you get the notification that you are ready to confirm your order, then you have the option to change the details. You can pick a new exterior color, interior, wheels, etc. So yes, you can change your Lucid Airs options after you reserve, in the order steps.

After Ordering Your Lucid Air Reservation

What about after you confirm you order? Can you change your car’s options after you finalize your order? Some say yes and some have been able to – it really depends on if they started to produce your car and if they can make changes at that point. Some have said in the Lucid Owners Forums that they have been able to make changes to their Lucid Air GTs weeks after confirming their orders.

How To Change your Lucid Air Order

It seems the only way to do change your order after you confirm and order the Lucid Air, at least at this point, is to reach out to your Sales Advisor or Delivery Advisor and request the change.

Lucid supposedly will even send out a new “email with the updated order” and ask you to once again “confirm” the order or change request.