When Should You Sell Your Lucid Motors $LCID Stock

March 31, 2022

In less than two years, Lucid Motors stock (NASDAQ: LCID) is up 160%, but it is down from its high $55 per share just from November 2021, which is currently about half of what it is trading at this morning at $26 per share.

Full disclosure, I bought Lucid stock before reserving the car and well before starting this blog.

But the company just started shipping its cars out in the past few months. In fact, the Grand Touring trims seem to be really ramping up and being delivered now. In fact, it is expected that many of those who reserved the Grand Touring will get that car delivered within the next three to five months and then Lucid Motors will move to the Touring trim in Q3 and deliver those by years end or sooner. The Pure trim is where Lucid Motors thinks it will sell the most volume of cars.

So we are now at $26 per share and Financial Journey on Twitter asked his followers, at what price would you consider selling LCID shares? Here are the results:

Personally, I voted that I am never selling only because that has been what I’ve done in general with stocks. I buy and rarely sell, although, I have sold some over the years, mostly if I think the company will fail.

Hat tip to @TheLucidVerse for spotted this poll on Twitter.

Disclosure again: I own Lucid stock, I confirmed to buy the car but I am not a financial advisor or have any insider information about the company (despite the name of this blog). I do follow the public information that we all have access to and I deeply follow how Lucid customers are enjoying the car, if they are ordering the car, when those cars get delivered and so forth.