Which EV Looks Cooler: Tesla vs Lucid Air

June 2, 2022

For the fun of it, I asked my Twitter audience on my main Twitter account, which electric vehicle do they find to look and feel cooler? My Twitter account is not specific to anything related to cars, EVs or the Lucid, I have a different one just for that (@lucidinsider). So I asked my 175,000 followers at @rustybrick to get a more representative sample of geeks (sorry SEOs) on what they prefer.

Guess which EV won? That is right, the Lucid Air beat out the Tesla models.

Here is the Twitter poll:

John Rosevear, CNBC auto reporter, said “The Model S still looks very good. Other Teslas, not so much to my eye. The Air is well proportioned but I don’t love some of the details. Advantage Lucid, I guess, but not by a lot.”

Do you agree with these results?