Report: Lucid Motors Updated Battery Specs On Lucid Air

June 1, 2022

Lucid Motors may have recently updated the battery specifications on the Lucid Air Grand Touring, Touring and Pure trims. A post in the Lucid Owners Forum community has more details where a member there said he “just spoke with Lucid while tweaking my order and they mentioned they just have updated battery specs for the various models.”

Lucid Air Battery Specs:

Here is what he posted as the revised battery specifications for the Lucid Air trims:

  • Grand Touring Performance: 118kW 22 modules
  • Grand Touring: 113kW 22 modules
  • Touring: 92kW 18modules
  • Pure AWD (dual motor): 82kW 16 modules
  • Pure RWD: 65kW 16 modules

As a reminder, the prices for these models are:

  • Grand Touring Performance is $179,000
  • Grand Touring is $154,000
  • Touring is $107,400
  • Pure is $87,400

I do not see on the website how much more it costs for the dual motor all wheel drive Pure, although a comment in that thread said it is $5,000 extra. He said “Something doesn’t quite add up. For $5000 extra to get AWD we’d get 17kW of battery too?”

To be clear, no one at Lucid Motors has publicly stated any of these details yet.

There is some interesting battery geek discussion about this in the Lucid Owners Forum.