How Much Do Lucid Air Floor Mats Cost?

May 9, 2022

I see a number of Lucid Air owners wanting to swap out the floor mats provided in their Lucid Air by Lucid Motors with a different color or type. A number are looking at Weather Tech floor mats, not bad specifically for the Lucid Air. Others are looking for Lucid to provide them floor mats that they feel look better in the car or that are more likely not to get dirty.

One customer was able to purchase grey floor mats from Lucid Motors – he said he was charged $271.50 and they were sent to him through FedEx. He is much happier with the grey ones over the white ones that came in his specific Lucid Air.

Like most cars, the exterior and interior colors will dictate what the colors of your floor mats will be. But you can always swap them out if you want.

This Lucid owner posted the photo and wrote “I have a beautiful Grand Touring- Zenith Red Platinum look. However, I was not very unhappy with the original white floor mats. Thus, I called the Lucid service center here in Phoenix and he arrange for me to purchase a new set -The mats were Fedex – Gray color which matches my front interior and is less likely to show the dirt. A win win for me. The mats were Fedex to me at a cost of $271.50. They look really sharp.”

Here are photos of the grey floor mats in this Lucid Air with the Zenith Red exterior: