Most Lucid Air Vehicles Are Delivered With Less Than 100 Miles

May 2, 2022

From what I’ve read from current Lucid owners, the standard contract you get from Lucid Motors says your Lucid Air vehicle will arrive with 100 miles on the odometer. Many who are buying a Lucid Air are delighted they are receiving the car with far less miles on it.

A Lucid Owners Forum thread has owners sharing not just the miles on the car when it is delivered, but also the state of charge, how much Lucid topped off the car with electricity (not gas) when it is delivered.

Like with any new car you pick up, you want it to have the fewest miles on it and you want it to be filled up and ready to go. But with EVs, you probably don’t alway want the “tank” filled 100% but rather 80% of the way.

Here are some of the comments from those owners:

Mine had 12 miles with 77% SOC. Even though the sales contact defaults to 100 miles.

Mine had 7.

7 or me, I think it was at like 60% charge or so.

24 miles and 70% soc

I think mine had 20 miles and 65% charge.

Mine had 20 miles and 80% charge

30 miles and I asked them to limit the charge to 80% or they would have charged to 100%

4? I think and 100%

It is nice to see Lucid Motors delivering these cars with few miles on it and with around 80% state of charge.