Lucid Motors Possibly Testing Lucid Air Touring or Pure with Metal Roof

May 2, 2022

A Lucid Air with a metal roof was spotted in the Lucid Motors factory lot today in the Bear’s Workshop video at the 6 minute and 59 second spot. The photo above is from that video, I’ll post the embed below of the video where it starts to show the Lucid Air with the metal roof.

The Lucid Air Pure only comes with a metal roof, but the Touring trim also comes with a metal roof but has a glass canopy option as an add on. The metal roof is available in the fourth quarter of this year, right now Lucid is only mass producing glass canopy tops.

Here is the video embed:

This is probably a prototype that Lucid Motors is testing from the factory but this is just a guess. Lucid Motors has not confirmed any of this but the video does show a metal roof on this Lucid Air.

We have a deeper dive on the Lucid Air glass canopy vs the metal roof.

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