Lucid Air Speedometer Never At Zero – “Energy Speedo”

April 28, 2022

The Lucid Air, like any automobile, has a speedometer. Lucid Owners have been calling it the “energy speedo” for some reason, which is funny. In any event, some Lucid owners find it super annoying that the speedometer at a full stop does not read zero, it is always slightly off kilter.

The reason the mph reads 0 and the “charge power,” or as Lucid owners call it, the energy speedo shows slightly to the right, it because the car is still using energy.

Here is a photo showing how the car is stopped by the “energy speedo” is a bit to the right:

There are numerous complaints about this speedometer issue in the Lucid Owner Forums, here are some of those complaints:

I actually paid close attention to the “speedo” today and its really annoying to see the “needle” moving and be off-center when you are at a complete stop.

Hah, I filed a bug on it. That it should be dead center when at a stop. I got a response that it is as expected, because you are still using energy.

It must not bother me since I have not noticed it. Now just like the turn signal sound, I will start noticing it and get annoyed by it.

Ha ha. Yes it does bother me. I wish they would make the instrument panel able to be altered like Tesla, Range Rover, Mercedes, Jeep, etc. I really don’t like that it is fixed and the right side says “Air” and the left side tells me how many miles and kw/H I have gone since last charge (wtf who cares about that?).

I had also noticed it not being center on stop. From an “engineering perspective” the representation makes perfect sense. From a user and ascetic perspective, I would not use this display to show the parasitic draw of the car. Just represent what the drive train is using. It’s on the speedometer for ….. sake.

I do wonder if Lucid Motors will ever change it…