Lucid Motors Places No Drone Signs Around Lucid Plant

April 21, 2022

Lucid Motors has placed many “No Drones” signs around the Lucid plant in Arizona. This is likely related to Bear’s Workshop YouTube videos where he shows the progress of the plant construction and the cars being outputted. We use those videos for our stories here many times.

The image above is from his footage of the no drone signs on the 20th, in this position of the video.

The sign says “Operating a drone in this airspace above this property is aerial trespassing. Violators will be civilly and criminally prosecuted.”

Clearly Lucid Motors doesn’t want people doing this to get an inside, well, outside, peak of what is going on with the company in its early stages. But many investors are watching these videos – I am one of the few watching them to see when I will get my car.

Bear’s Workshop clarified these were put up a while ago and has no legal consequences: