Lucid DreamDrive Pro To Integrate NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion Technology

March 22, 2022

Lucid Motors announced today the Lucid Air, and possibly future EVs, DreamDrive Pro “advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) will add new features in the future, building on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion technology.” This hopefully will bring the Level-3 driving technology to Lucid Air EVs sooner than later but maybe I am being too hopeful?

NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion is a production-ready platform for autonomous vehicles. This AV reference architecture accelerates development, testing, and validation on the path to production by integrating DRIVE Orin-based AI compute with a complete sensor suite that includes 12 exterior cameras, three interior cameras, nine radars, 12 ultrasonics, and one front-facing lidar, plus one lidar for ground truth data collection. DRIVE Hyperion features the full software stack for autonomous driving (DRIVE AV) as well as driver monitoring and visualization (DRIVE IX), which can be updated over-the-air, adding new features and capabilities throughout the life of the vehicle.

What Is DreamDrive Pro

Lucid’s proprietary DreamDrive Pro is designed to grow in capability over time, blending sophisticated hardware – a comprehensive 32-sensor suite, lightning-speed gigabit ethernet networking, and a novel dual-rail power system – and regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates with an in-house software stack built on NVIDIA DRIVE.

Lucid has this video on how DreamDrive Pro will work in the future – some of these features are live:

Who Gets DreamDrive Pro

Those who purchased the Dream Edition or Grand Touring trim get DreamDrive Pro by default. The Touring and Pure trims require $9,000 upfront for the cars to be able to gain those features as the software becomes available. When will that become available? No one really knows but hopefully sooner with this deal?

More Quotes

“The seamless integration of NVIDIA’s software-defined compute architecture and DRIVE OS provides a powerful basis for Lucid to further enhance what DreamDrive can do in the future – all of which can be delivered to vehicles over the air,” said Michael Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital, Lucid. “This can benefit every facet of the DreamDrive Pro experience.”

“Lucid and NVIDIA are working closely to create highly programmable, intelligent vehicles,” said Rishi Dhall, Vice President of Automotive, NVIDIA. “By developing on NVIDIA DRIVE, Lucid can deliver safe electric vehicles that are future-ready, with a customer experience that continues to get better and more capable with each software update.”

“We worked with NVIDIA on our autonomous boating efforts. This is the right choice in my opinion,” the moderator in the Lucid Owners Forums wrote here.