Lucid Motors Moves

Executive Changes

New Hires & Departures

Lucid Motors announced this morning that they have hired Evelyn Chiang, VP of Process Transformation, and Walter Ludwig, VP of Global Logistics as efforts to improve overall operations and logistics experiences for the EV company’s global expansion efforts.

Reporting directly to Mr. Rawlinson, Ms. Chiang will lead enterprise initiatives aligned to Lucid’s strategic objectives leveraging techniques and methodologies to analyze, harmonize, and improve business processes across the organization.

Reporting to Mr. Rawlinson, Mr. Ludwig will provide strategic and operational leadership to actively develop and implement best practices in automotive logistics and parts management, focusing on supplier capacity management, inbound and outbound logistics, and more.

Yesterday, Lucid Motors updated the company leadership webpage and removed two profiles from the page. The profiles removed from the page were of Ralph Jakobs the Vice President of Program Management and Doreen Allen the Senior Director of Sales.

Doreen Allen has just retired according to her LinkedIn profile. She was with the company from March 2016 through last month, so for about six and a half years. For the first four years, she was the Director of Sales at Lucid Motors, and for the past 2 years, she was the Senior Director of Sales.

Ralph Jakobs was listed as the Vice President of Program Management, he was hired by Lucid in November 2021, and Lucid Motors announced his hire in December 2021. His bio page is still currently live over here, despite his profile page being removed from the overall leadership page.